By correlating access privileges, resource sharing permissions, and cloud activities into a single Identity Impact Model™, Polyrize enables security teams to quickly zero-in on users with the largest blast radius in the event of a data breach or account compromise and take immediate action to reduce their organization’s exposure.


Actionable Alerts & Optimizations

Be alerted to any suspicious activity across your cloud services and utilize automated remediation to reduce the attack surface
Continuous Authorization

Respond to cybersecurity threats in real-time even after the user has been authenticated
Security Playbook Manager

Make authorization part of your playbook with seamless integration into your security ecosystem
Investigation Mode

Analyze and understand the connection between users, groups, resources, and their assigned permissions
Managed & Customer-Defined Policies

Adaptive policies to set security guardrails to protect a multitude of services using a single, user-friendly, configuration
Adjustable Level of Insights

From high-level analysis to deep drilldown, Polyrize provides complete visibility of cloud service access, without the overhead of managing multiple platforms

Single Pane Of Glass For Identities Across The Entire Public Cloud

A clear view of real people and team identities and privileges across all public cloud services with optimized privilege recommendations (excessive, inappropriate or unused privileges).

With Polyrize, get cross-service insights with a simple visualization of user-to-object relationships and associated access rights. Empower your team with a designed-for-cloud platform that lets you see action-privilege correlations, detects excessive permissions and proactively prevents access abuse and misuse.

Cybersecurity That Leverages IT

The Polyrize continuous authorization platform solves the post-login blindspot and lays the foundation of a zero-trust architecture by correlating permissions with actual identity behavior across the public cloud.

With Polyrize, you can review and analyze any privileged or non-privileged action across your cloud services, enabling proactive detection and mitigation against excessive privileges, suspicious enrollment, access abuse and misuse.

Scale With Ease

Identity-based policies allow organizations to make strategic authorization decisions across IaaS and SaaS, and translate them into the Polyrize “Identity Policy”. The extensive enforcement of identity policies sets effective guardrails on the different cloud services.

It achieves the precise level of involvement that organizations need to control identity access.