Read What Customers And Industry Leaders Are Saying About Polyrize
Ian Amit
Ian Amit, CSO

We have been exploring different ways to address our need for an elastic permission implementation over the past couple of years. Polyrize proved to be the most comprehensive solution in the market, and they are providing a level of visibility across multiple platforms that allows us to clearly focus on the riskiest use cases, as well as reduce our attack surface on an ongoing basis.”


Guy Flechter
Guy Flechter, CISO

Polyrize provides the single pane of glass for the different cloud apps that I was missing. Being able to discover risky identities, right size access and detect their misuse on the same platform not only makes the security process easy to manage but also provides additional protection when incidents occur.”

Kevin Paige
Kevin Paige, CISO

Manually tracking and securing user identities and their permissions to SaaS business systems using spreadsheets has been an almost impossible task…but necessary to ensure the right users have the right access to the right data. By simplifying and automating this process, Polyrize significantly reduces the burden on security teams while vastly improving their visibility and control over user identities.”

Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson, CISO

Before Polyrize, learning each cloud platform in order to secure them was a huge headache for security teams. Today, Polyrize does this learning for them and converts it into a unified access model across multiple platforms. Learn once, apply to many is definitely the way to go – and allows Security Teams to redeploy their focus!”

Elwin Wong
Elwin Wong, CISO

The rapid shift to a vast remote workforce placed identity as the new network perimeter. But securing these disparate identities across cloud platforms has become extremely challenging. I’m happy to see that Polyrize has simplified this for cybersecurity teams to track and protect cloud identities and their privileges which will reduce overall risk.”

Jeff Trudeau
Jeff Trudeau, CISO

COVID-19 has prompted a quick shift to remote work, with identity now constituting the new network perimeter, but securing these identities has created a massive security and logistics nightmare. Polyrize has made it really easy for security teams to track and protect cloud identities and their privileges.”

Andrew Daniels
Andrew Daniels, CISO

Polyrize makes it easy for security teams to cut through all the noise of minor risky cloud activity to zero in on the high risk identities and privileges who pose the highest threat to organizations.”