Meet Polyrize.

Why We Founded Polyrize
Today, authentication is both the first and last line of defense in the public cloud. An organization's most sensitive assets are often stored outside the perimeter -- in public clouds -- making the attack surface more inviting to potential attackers.

With the rapid adoption of IaaS and SaaS, new security challenges are emerging, from both a technical and business perspective. New services mean new access logic, require a different permission set, and are no longer managed exclusively by IT teams.

This transformation has created many new vulnerabilities and threats that are inherent to the way data is stored, delivered, accessed, and used. Understanding and mitigating those risks is critical, and adopting a continuous authorization approach to security provides the ultimate solution to today's challenges.
Nati Hazut
Co-Founder & CEO
Aviv Gabay
Co-Founder & CTO
Our advisors
Tsahy Shapsa
Founder, Cloudlock
(acquired by Cisco)
Yoram Yaacovi
Ex. GM Microsoft Israel
Marcio Lempert
CEO at Phase4 Consulting
Our investors