AUTHORIZATION. Reinvented For The Cloud.

When access comes in many forms, you need an identity-centric approach.The Polyrize continuous authorization platform for SaaS and IaaS stops tomorrow’s public cloud cyber threats, today.

Regain Control of the Public Cloud

By providing a centralized view of access authorization, Polyrize spares InfoSec teams the endless struggle to retain control of identity access in diverse environments.

Polyrize breaks down any service to its fundamental building blocks, so that Infosec teams can clearly visualize user-to-object relationships and associated access rights, driven by an industry-first unified identity Graph.

Overcome the Post-Login Blindspot with Continuous Authorization

In the era of Zero Trust, even trusted entities need to be verified. Polyrize continuously monitors every user action for risky and suspicious behavior even after they’ve logged in, preventing internal threats and stopping external takeovers.

Make Authorization Part of Your Security Playbook

Set identity-based guardrails to enable secured freedom of action through real-time authorization.
Streamline workflows of assignments, privileges, and actions, and integrate them with your existing security playbooks.

For the first time, cloud authorization can be automated.

Where authentication stops, Polyrize begins.

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Achieve a ‘least-privileged’ model across your IaaS and SaaS environments.

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Maintain the precise level of involvement needed to control identity access across public clouds.

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Seamless integration with your existing cloud services, identity provider and security solutions, without requiring architecture changes (no proxy).

Polyrize Supports These Cloud Services and More