Solve Identity Complexity At The Speed Of Cloud

Uncover Identity Blind-Spots

The proliferation of shadow identities, privileges, and admins significantly increases your cloud attack surface. Polyrize shines light on these blind spots, simplifying and automating the process of closing offboarding gaps, zeroing in on over-privileged users and Shadow Admins, and investigating high-impact user activities and overly-broad user privileges.

Automatically Right-Size Risky Privileges

Cloud users have many siloed identities and privileges across multiple, cloud services. Polyrize gives security teams the controls to maintain users at the right level of privilege across cloud services by role or user group. This enforces cloud access best practice and helps prevent compliance violations.

Continuously Detect & Respond to Threats

Cloud account takeovers and insider threats now account for a majority of cloud incidents. Polyrize enables security teams to continuously detect and respond to unauthorized cloud account access, malicious and inadvertent insider threats, and breaches of business critical data, ensuring that users can safely collaborate across mission critical cloud services.

Polyrize SaaS Threat Labs Research

This SaaS Threat Labs report, drawn from anonymized and aggregated customer activity on the Polyrize platform, covers key trends and challenges organizations face when trying to secure unsupervised identities and shadow privileges.

Customer Case Study

“Polyrize’s ability to provide cloud detection and response alerts on access abuse and misuse, insider threats, data leakage, and account takeovers across mission critical cloud services was everything we asked for.”

Ian Amit Cimpress CSO/DSO

Where authentication stops, Polyrize begins.

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Achieve a ‘least-privileged’ model across your IaaS and SaaS environments.

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Maintain the precise level of involvement needed to control identity access across public clouds.

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Seamless integration with your existing cloud services, identity provider and security solutions, without requiring architecture changes (no proxy).

Polyrize Supports These Cloud Services and More